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Indulge yourself with an age management treatment or allow Miki to prescribe a skin care program to best suit your needs and achieve your goal of radiant, youthful skin.

The evolution of skin care has given us the techniques and ingredients to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, revealing a more youthful glow. Listed below are some very effective, popular treatments that renew the skin.


Microdermabrasion effectively but gently abrades the outer layers of your epidermis. Miki will thoroughly exfoliate your skin with or without crystals to remove hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and general signs of aging. This procedure will encourage cellular growth of new collagen and elastin and it will create younger, healthier skin. She will polish away the marks of time, giving you a radiant glow. 

Treatment Specifics - it will exfoliate, soften and smooth your skin. It will eradicate fine lines, stimulate collagen and return the glow to your skin.

With Crystals

  • $90 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 45 minutes
Without Crystals
  • $85 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 45 minutes
Double Polish (crystals and non crystal wands)
  • $105 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 60 minutes
Triple Polish (crystals, non crystal wands and a peel)
  • $150 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 60 minutes


Chemical peels also exfoliate the skin by dissolving the glue-like bonds that keep dead skin cells attached to the younger cells underneath. Again, that radiant glow will be revealed, allowing the new healthy cells to come forth. She will determine and apply the appropriate mixture of chemical compounds to attain the perfect results for your peel Alternating or combining peel and microdermabrasion treatments is an effective means to achieve healthier, even skin tones more quickly.

Treatment Specifics - will also exfoliate and retexture, encouraging the production of new skin cells. Treat yourself to a peel and feel the difference after dead skin cells are removed, leaving your skin healthy and smooth.

Peel (single mixture)

  • $50 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 30 minutes
Peel (blended or layered)
  • $75 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 30 minutes


Microcurrent, also known as Bioelectric Facelift, utilizes low-level electrical probes that mirror the natural current in your facial muscles. It gently exercises and firms those muscles, giving your face a subtle lift. Miki will apply the probes to the skin at specific muscle points, causing tiny contractions in the muscle belly resulting in a tighter, more toned appearance. It is a painless procedure with absolutely no down time afterwards. This treatment is relaxing to the body but uplifting to the face.

Treatment Specifics - (Bioelectric Facelift) tones and tightens the muscles of the face and neck to give you just the lift you need. Let the gentle currents exercise the muscles to refresh and revitalize your look!

Full Face

  • $70 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 60 minutes
Eye Treatment
  • $30 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 30 minutes


Phototherapy uses light-emitting diodes set at therapeutic wavelengths to activate normal cellular function. It is a great standalone treatment or it combines beautifully with any other skin service. Red light encourages new cellular growth, especially the structural support cells that produce collagen. Amber light assists with normal lymph function and detoxification of the skin. Infrared raises the circulation in the skin, which encourages healing by supplying fresh oxygen and nourishment. Blue light is strictly for acne, actively destroying the bacteria in the skin and preventing new acne eruptions. After a careful cleansing, Miki will apply a custom-blended vitamin mixture before directing the light panel to the area of the face being treated. The therapeutic wavelengths stimulate healing while penetrating the vitamins deep into the skin. This gives the skin nourishment it will need for healing and repair. You will feel relaxed but energized by this sophisticated skin treatment.

Treatment Specifics - will restore balance to your skin by providing necessary energy to the cells so that they may perform optimally. This pampering treatment produces amazing improvements to the function and health of your skin.


  • $50 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 20 minutes


  • $90 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 60 minutes


Vitamin therapy includes the best of modern science and bioengineered products, allowing Miki to choose and apply active ingredients to benefit your skin. Only potent antioxidants, peptides, amino acids and other functional serums will be utilized during any skin treatment. This properly completes any skin service, giving your cells the nourishment they need to perform perfectly. 

Treatment Specifics - will be included with all age management treatments. Miki will carefully choose and custom blend the specific vitamins, peptides, amino acids and other nourishing cosmeceuticals that will benefit your skin. She will also use ultrasound to deeply penetrate the serum evenly to all the skin cells, which will guarantee that your skin receives everything it needs!

Vitamin Therapy a la carte

  • $25 per treatment
  • Each treatment lasts 15 minutes

Miki Cavanaugh ~ Aesthetician, Nurse

317 South Boulder Road, #1
Louisville, CO 80027

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